2018 Best Travel and Vacation Camera Drone Flight Test Review

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Throw this tiny drone in your carry-on bag or purse for your next vacation. It produces excellent stabilized videos and photos, will not attract unwanted attention,and is very easy to launch and fly. Find it here https://amzn.to/2JlgdKT and WiFi repeater here https://amzn.to/2uvXwig

The folks at Ryze were on the right track in developing the Tello as a cheaper, smaller, quieter, and easier to launch high performance camera drones. Yes there are better drones out there. But most require quite a bit of setup to launch. And many of those you would not want to fly around people.

– It’s tiny. Very easy to take with you and fly most anywhere. Its small size and low noise will allow you to fly most legal places without being harassed by the drone phobic.
– Easily and quickly launches without need for calibration.
– No need for GPS. Automatically hovers in position, even in wind. Uses optical and acoustic sensors. Can be flown and hover under trees or indoors (try doing that with a GPS quadcopter).
– Electronic image stabilizion produces HD video and photos that are almost as good as with a gimbal.
– Charges with any micro USB phone charging cable. Great for road trips using a phone cigarette lighter charger.
– It’s cheap when compared to other camera drones with similar features.

– Video and photos are sent and recorded on your phone via WiFi. This will cause inevitable frame drops in the video. This can be reduced using a cheap WiFi repeater.
– Relatively short range depending on the WiFi of your phone. Again the range can be greatly extended using a WiFi repeater.

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