7 Ways to Use Drones in 2018

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Although drones were invented long ago, they were largely confined to military use. They have since been made more accessible to the general public and their usage potential seem to be boundless. The unquenchable thirst for technology has made drones to upgrade year in year out, making them absolutely imperative. They are now deployed in a thousand sectors cutting across multiple functions in development. In the future, drones will probably contribute to over 50% of economic growth around the globe.

Here, we have a close look at 7 ways to use drones in 2018.

1. Surveillance and Risk Monitoring

Although drones have previously been used for this purpose, they will become more indispensable in 2018 as surveillance and risk monitoring agents. This can be approached from different angles involving disaster management and disaster preparedness:

Security for masses: Drones can be utilized better for this purpose as compared to mounting cameras or deploying human labor. They can reach heights and cover multiple angles. Large gatherings like concerts and events harbor potential threats for disasters and attacks.
Recreational facilities: Drones can be used to monitor risks that surface unexpectedly at recreational facilities, that may escape a human eye.
National Security: This is without a doubt, is a paramount way to use drones. They can monitor borders and the skies for any terrorist activities or invasions.
Illegal Activities: Surveillance for illegal actions can be carried out using drones.
Infrastructures: Drones can be used to monitor infrastructures for development, repair and maintenance purposes.
Field Research: For detailed research on just about anything that is in a wide field, drones will serve a perfect companion. They have proven to be detailed in coverage, hence may capture details that are not visible to naked eyes.

2. Filming and Photography
Every photographer and videography knows the value of a good picture; it’s worth a thousand words. An alluring way to capture the best photo stories is by using drones. Drones have unique techniques that exhibit aerial views, pans, tilts, zooms, and skylines, which leave an eye yearning for more.

They also access areas that could otherwise be unreachable yet bear rich images. As technology keeps evolving, so have the drones. For filming and photography, drones have been upgraded to fit almost every need desired.

3. Agriculture
The agriculture sector is crucial to any nation and a backbone to many. Farming has its fair share of challenges. It’s tediousness and requires a lot of manpower. The drone technology for agriculture is still crawling, but it’s doing pretty well in a few places like Japan and the margin is expected to rise soon. Drones for agriculture can be used in almost every phase of crop production.

The tried and tested drones for agriculture have been used for soil health research, planting, pests controls, irrigations, yield estimations and weather forecasting. In future, using drones for agriculture industry will achieve increased productivity, eradicate major losses caused by human err and help in drought preparedness.

4. Emergency Response
During calamities, man-made or natural disasters, drones can be used as an eye to assessing the extends of damage. They can also be used to locate stranded casualties and evacuating them without causing them more harm. The fact that they are made to reach the hard-to-reach areas makes them best eyes for such situations.

5. Delivery Services
Companies and individuals can now relax, as delivery services are made easier. Drones can be used to deliver parcels across short and long distances. They are more convenient. For humanitarian organizations, drones can be used to deliver food, medications, and clothing to marginalize and less accessible areas.

Another delivery service can be achieved in large warehouses or production units. Also in a spacious inventory area, drones can be used as a tool to run through the inventory more efficiently, without having to leave the desk.

6. Business Boon

A drone can be converted to a business boon gadget. Large or small business can make use of drones as an advertising medium, where banners hang on drones and fly around a prospecting area. They can also be used to drop coupons to large crowds and free samples. This will significantly increase the target audience.

7. Wildlife
Another way drones can be used in 2018 is in the wildlife sector. Wildlife attracts tourism. Wild animals though, are dangerous and can room dangerously, yet most of them are endangered species. Drones can be deployed to monitor wildlife and prevent them from dangers caused by poachers and predators. Drones can as well be used as tour guide tools for wildlife lovers.

Drones are an extraordinary invention that will outrightly boost every aspect of the human race. In 2018, drones will be yet another major contributor to the service delivery, humanitarian acts aid and a boost to the economy.

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