8 Drone Traveling Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Traveling with your drone is one of best ways to capture great new aerial footage, but taking it to different locations can sometimes be a problem. Drones are getting easier to carry around since most new consumer drones are smaller and better than previous generations. Whether you plan on filming in another country or a new location, make sure to keep these 8 drone traveling tips in mind:

Drone Traveling Tips #1

+ Create a Checklist: Make sure to jot down a list for your microSD cards, batteries, and all the other necessary accessories.

Drone Traveling Tips #2

+ Get a Bag: If you plan on traveling with your drone to another country, store your UAV in a backpack. If you have an extra bag for just your drone, then pack it for easy access since it will most likely be checked on at the airport.

drone traveling tips

Drone Traveling Tips #3

+ Cache your Maps Before you Travel: Find the location you plan on going to and cache the maps on your device; this is especially important if you plan on flying offline!

drone traveling tips

Drone Traveling Tips #4

+ Check the Local Laws: Each country has their own set of laws regarding UAVs, and cities can also have different laws. Be sure to check the local laws for drones before you fly.

drone traveling tips

Drone Traveling Tips #5

+ Bring Your Drone as a Carry-On Item: If you have the option to carry your drone with you onto an airplane, then do that because there is less chance of your drone getting damaged. If you must ship your drone as a checked baggage, then just drain your batteries and bring them with you on the airplane.

drone traveling tips

Drone Traveling Tips #6

+ Shoot at Least 3 Different Shots: If the location you are going to is a onetime visit kind of situation, then shoot your videos at different angles. Flying backwards, upwards, and panning are only some recommendations; just make sure you get the best perspectives to capture the moment.

Drone Traveling Tips #7

+ Use Different Fly Modes: Intelligent flight modes makes shooting videos easier. If your drone can orbit or track, then utilize those modes to get the most out of your shots!

drone traveling tips

Drone Traveling Tips #8

+ Don’t Abuse: It’ll be a much more pleasant view to get different video angles, so mix it up to get a variety of different shots.


Creativity is usually a byproduct of enjoying the moment, so make sure to have fun while you fly safe!


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