Airial Launches New Gyrotrak Drone Line

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Airial Gyrotrak drone

Source: Airial Gyrotrak

German drone provider Airial Robotics this week unveiled a new drone carrier system known as Gyrotrak.

A hybrid concept, Gyrotrak combines “tried-and-tested aerodynamic principles with the latest technologies,” an Airial statement notes.

Company officials say the drone platform creates “a new class of drone that clearly exceeds current industry standards in terms of flight time, payload, range and efficiency. At the same time, [the platform offers] a highly modular system architecture that can be adapted to all kinds of missions.”

“In design terms, Airial Robotics has struck out on a new path with Gyrotrak, one that differs markedly from the traditional multicopter and VTOL fixed-wing solutions,” Airial CEO Jörg Schamuhn said, adding:

“Our technology is a disruptive hybrid UAV solution, somewhere between helicopter and autogyro. The innovative combination of the advantages of both systems creates such a unique and special technical platform, that it leaves the current industry standards behind it, and makes Gyrotrak a real game changer. Gyrotrak gives us the ability to at least double important factors like flight time, range, and payload, when compared to traditional multicopter systems.”

Gyrotrak’s scalable design offers a variety of size and weight class models — between 9 pounds and 661 pounds take-off weight. Airial hopes to market the drone package for inspections, agriculture and spare-parts delivery to offshore facilities.

“The key to success in Gyrotrak is also to be found in the perfectly seamless transitions between the helicopter and autogyro flight modes, which are automated by sophisticated software,” Schamuhn said.

The first Gyrotrak product will be the fully electric GT20.

“If the GT20 Gyrotrak is fitted with a professional camera weighing about 1 pound, it can stay in the air for about 2.5 hours and cover up to 93 miles at cruise speeds of 53 mph,” Schamuhn said.

“It is a perfect tool for police and security service deployments as well as search and rescue, whilst at the same time being ideal for pipeline inspections or securing perimeters.”



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