Airvuz Drone Video of the Week: Chile

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As the U.S. suffers from a heatwave, you might be dreaming of skiing in the summer… and Chile is the place to do it.  Here’s a drone video to get you in the mood, from our friends at AirVuz: the largest collection of drone videos on the web.

AirVuz describes it as follows:

“Stretching over 4300km along the coast of South America, Chile’s landscapes are an adventurer’s dream. Let these breathtaking aerial views be your travel guide around this incredible country. The Atacama desert is the world’s driest desert features a Mars-like landscape and is a prime location for stargazing. The Valle de la Luna is located in Los Flamencos National Reserve, this “Moon Valley” is famous for its rugged terrain. Salar de Surire is a Chilean natural monument in the Andes, this large salt flat is home to several species of wildlife. Patagonia is famous scenic region of Chile has pristine lakes, beautiful mountains and stunning glacial fjords. Easter Island is a volcanic island famous for its almost 1000 monumental statues called Moai. Chile’s largest city and its capital, Santiago,  is located in the central valley between the Andes and the coast. Valparaíso, an important seaport city on the pacific ocean, is full of colorful buildings. Vina del Mar is a coastal resort city, often called “TheGarden City,” is known for its beautiful beaches. Witness the famous Chilean fjords and channels on Chile’s southern coast by cruise ship. Torres del Paine National Park is a picturesque park that’s popular with tourists for its mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers. San Alfonso del Mar is the world’s largest swimming pool and it belongs to a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile. Altiplano is the widest point in the Andes Mountains, it’s home to Chilean wildlife like llamas, vicunas and condors.”


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