Atmospheric photos captured from hot air balloons and airplanes

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From the basket of a hot air balloon, zoe wetherall photographs intimate, yet out of context scenes with no horizon lines or reference points. from the seat of a commercial airline, ashok sinha somehow captures landscapes with more colors than we thought existed in nature. both artists will feature their aerial photography at front room gallery’s upcoming exhibition, STRATA.

Most aerial photography is the result of chartered helicopter flights, or (more recently) remotely piloted drones. but amid these affordable, proven, and frankly easy methods of capturing aerial photography, wetherall and sinha are different. they go up in the sky themselves to hand-capture the landscapes we take for granted.

In hot air balloons and on countless back-and-forth flights from NY to LA, these two artists face constant trial and error. but their work pays off. the horses mid-trot, the colorful fields — unlike drone footage, their is something extremely human about these photos.

With STRATA, front room gallery (located in new york’s lower-east side) highlights these two award winning photographers. STRATA will be on display from may 24th to june 24th, 2018.


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