Attop P01 Sky Soar 3 Channel RC Airplane Flight Test Review

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This unusual three channel stabilized airplane includes ailerons for turning vice rudder. Find it here

– Three channel RC aircraft (throttle, aileron, and Β­ elevator control ).
– Gyro stabilized for automatic leveling of the aircraft.
– Controller range of approximately 100 meters.
– Extremely common 3.7V 380mah battery. You should be able to easily find spare batteries for this plane.
– Light weight at only 38 grams with its installed battery. May not require registration in most countries.

– Brushed motor aircraft. The motor will eventually fail one day.
– Transmitter range only 100 meters. However, this small plane gets extremely difficult to see at such range.
– Can’t turn off stabilization for aerobatic flying.
– The ailerons act more like spoilers vice ailerons. Turning is accomplished by upward movement of one aileron on the side of desired direction of turn. The other aileron remains centered in a turn. Thus turning is achieved by lowering the lift and increasing drag on one wing. With this concept of using drag to pivot the plane, low speed turning is difficult (if not impossible). The turning radius of the plane is also rather large, requiring a large open field to fly this plane.
– For those wondering, I did also try the dual rate in a follow on flight. Dual rate control does not improve the turning much as it does not adjust aileron deflections. Instead applying dual rate merely holds the same low rate deflection, but through a higher bank angle. It also seems to make the aircraft somewhat unstable at this higher bank angle.

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