British Telecom Inks Deal with DroneShield to Fend Off Rogue Drones

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Image courtesy of DroneShield

Australian counter-UAV firm DroneShield will partner with Britain’s largest telecommunications company in an effort to avoid rogue-drone incidents such as the shutdown of Gatwick Airport this past year.

BT will provide counter-drone solutions to its customers using DroneShield’s detection and mitigation technology.

Droneshield products include:

  • DroneSentinel: a multi-prone detection product designed to locate rogue drones. The solution is aimed at customers unable to deploy jamming because of regulatory or operational restrictions.
  • DroneSentry: A solution that detects and neutralizes unmanned aerial bandits using jamming technology. The product is geared toward foreign clients – the product has not been authorized by the FCC and may not be sold or leased in the U.S. because it jams radio signals.

“This is a watershed moment for DroneShield. Following the Christmas 2018 events at the Gatwick airport, when rogue drones brought UK air travel to a standstill, stranded hundreds of thousands of travelers and caused tens of millions of dollars in economic damage, the UK industry and government have been actively searching for effective and cost-effective drone detection and mitigation solutions,” DroneShield’s CEO Oleg Vornik said.

“While DroneShield has previously co-operated with larger organizations in several countries, this is a very different arrangement, with a very different company,” Vornik added. “This partnership with BT, coupled with the urgent need for the solution across the UK, cracks open for DroneShield one of the world’s largest anti-drone markets that is also ahead of other countries in adopting anti-drone technologies.”

In July, the company partnered with Bosch Security and Safety Systems to develop a new anti-UAV system that will integrate with Bosch’s video surveillance products. DroneShield launched a partnership with Altitude Angel, a leading UTM technology provider. The deal will deploy an integrated product to selected customers to bring “single-point situational awareness” to managed airspace for users such as national governments and airport operators.

In April, DroneShield scored a new agreement with Thales Spain to utilize and promote anti-drone products in its defense and security contract bids in Spain and other countries involving counter-drone  technology.

In March, the firm made a deal with Saudi Telecom Company’s executive arm, STC Specialized, to bring enhanced drone detection and mitigation to key sectors such as government installations, industrial plants and wireless communication assets.


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