“Buzzy the Drone” joins “Smokey the Bear” and Hopes to be a Part of your Children’s Holiday Season

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“Buzzy the Drone” now joins such well loved cartoon characters such as “Smokey the Bear” to educate and cajole the American public to do the right thing.   While most everyone is familiar with Smokey the Bear,  whose slogan “Only You can Prevent Forest Fires” has been part of the American psyche since WWII, the FAA is hoping that the cartoon character “Buzzy the Drone” will help people to fly right with their first drone.

The target is consumers who are getting a new drone for the holidays.   The FAA is hoping that their new cartoon character can educate (without the sledgehammer) people on the rules governing drone flight in the US.   The first video is shown below and is under the slogan, to keep “Buzzy in Sight”.

You can follow Buzzy’s adventures on FAA social media such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Buzzy’s messages are the latest in the FAA’s continuing efforts to make sure everyone follows the rules for safe drone operations. The are short and more or less rhyme with simple messages on drone flight safety.  You can find details on the Agency’s extensive unmanned aircraft website.



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