Cheerson CX-95S 5.8 Ghz Micro FPV Racer Flight Test Review

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This micro FPV racer is very maneuverable and just plain fun to fly. Find it here

– A very good indoor/outdoor flier right out of the box. Obviously this had received some attention from the developers as the PIDs are nicely tuned.
– F3 EVO flight control board loaded with Betaflight SPRF3EVO 3.1.5
– 600 TVL, 32 channel, 25mW FPV transmitter with easily accessible channel changer button.
– Very maneuverable, and yet also fast for a ducted fan quadcopter. 0720 motors give plenty of speed, albeit acceleration is limited due to 1S battery.
– Close to 5 minutes flight time. Brushed micros seem to have a huge advantage in flight time as compared to brushless micros which seem to be limited to under 3 minutes (sometime less than 2). This seems to be a tradeoff with power which brushless easily lead in.
– Does not require FAA registration

– Acceleration punch is somewhat limited due to 1S battery (and 2S is not advised). Although acceleration punch is a bit lacking, it does fly at good speed with runup due to the 0720 motors.
– Currently there is only one BNF version available for DSM2/DSMX transmitters. However, PPM and SBUS micro receivers can also be installed by the user. Hopefully other BNF versions (such as Flysky and Frsky) will be made available in the near future.

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