Clobotics Lands Another 5 Million

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Clobotics, a world-leading computer vision technology startup, announced a new $5 million A+ round of financing. This round of financing was led by KTB Network, the largest venture capital firm in South Korea, and followed by GGV Capital and Capital Development Investment Fund (CDIF) in China. This is Clobotics’ second round of financing in its first twelve months of inception. Clobotics has continued to gain interest from investors and customers, thanks to its ability to deliver computer-vision based technologies and services, providing deep industry insights in retail, wind power, and telecom industries.

George Yan, founder and CEO of Clobotics, said, “The ability to productionize and scale cutting-edge technology is the key to the success in an AI startup. Traditional industries need commercialized solutions that can solve real-world problems, which Clobotics is able to deliver, thanks to our veteran engineering teams with its deep commercial solutions know-how. This round of funding will be used to further advance our R&D capabilities and continue to deepen our industry solution stacks.”

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Having successfully invested in Alibaba, Focus Media and other eight tech Unicorns, Amy Yeh, the managing partner of KTB Network, showed great confidence and excitement in Clobotics’ growth potential.

Ms. Yeh stated, “We believe AI is an important technological advancement milestone in humanity. We have strong confidence in Clobotics team vision and execution in its products. AI technology will only be widely accepted in industries when it proves itself useful in real-world business scenarios.”

World’s first computer-vision based wind turbine blade inspection service 

Clobotics has developed the world’s first compute-vision based wind turbine blade inspection service using UAV drones. By integrating customized UAV drone hardware with computer vision software, it automatically takes pictures of wind turbine blade surfaces, and then uses computer vision to inspect the images on the cloud. The system notifies maintenance personnel of damages, deterioration, and other early warning signs, which are critical for reducing the cost of maintenance.

According to Bloomberg New Energy, China’s wind power operations & maintenance market will reach $3 billion US dollars by 2020. With the rapid growth of wind power and soaring maintenance costs, there is a huge potential for improvement over existing methods of maintenance and operations. Clobotics’ service provides customers like Concord New Energy and Dunan Energy with a unified end-to-end solution for solving this problem.

Retail Execution “Mate” drives digital transformation for offline retailers

Clobotics created China’s first Retail Execution “Mate” service for consumer product companies. In-store agents can now take pictures using their mobile phones, the computer vision AI-enabled service can instantly recognize products and the quantity of each product displayed with precision. Traditional distributor operations require hours of manual data collection per store and visit for the distribution representative. With Clobotics’ computer vision AI-enabled service, they spend less time collecting data and more time building relationships with store managers.

“Cloud-Network-Terminal” calibration for drone services

Clobotics partnering with China Telecom, provides a remote flight control solution for drones in China. The service is an end-to-end solution for a vertical industry that has high dependencies on drone services. The cloud-based services increase the intelligence and safety of the drones in the sky.

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