Comparison: Mavic Pro Vs Mavic Pro Platinum

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Last week DJI launched a new Mavic Pro at IFA in Berlin: The Mavic Pro Platinum. There’s no doubt that it looks impressive, but is there any substance underneath that shiny new paint job? And how does it compare to the previous model?

mavic pro platinum new dji drone

The Mavic Pro Platinum is quieter and more energy efficient

There are only three real differences between the Mavic Pro Platinum and the original that was launched last year: Noise reduction, flight time and price.

Aside from those, the Platinum has been given a new silver facelift.

A Mavic Pro With More Stealth and a Few Extra Minutes in The Air

The Mavic Pro Platinum comes with new FOC sinusoidal driver ESCs and 8331 propellers. In layman’s terms, this means that the new props are more aerodynamic. The result is a 60% reduction in aircraft noise and a flight time extended from 27 minutes to 30.

The Price – How Much is The Mavic Pro Platinum? Is it Worth it?

The Mavic Pro Platinum is selling for $1,099, $100 more than the original. So that extra $100 goes towards new electronic speed controllers, a $10 set of new props and the platinum paint job.

It seems a steep price hike for fairly minimal advances on the original model, but that’s just our opinion. Professional pilots who want to eek out every last second will appreciate that a few more minutes in the air can make all the difference. A significantly quieter drone is an appealing thing, too.

A nice middle ground might be just purchasing the new propellers for your original Mavic. They are compatible, but won’t make as much of a difference without the new ESCs.

What are the main differences between the Mavic Pro Platinum and Mavic Pro?

To summarize, the main developments in the Mavic Pro Platinum are:

  • The maximum flight time has been extended to 30 minutes and the maximum hovering time is now 27 minutes.
  • The decibel level of the Platinum has been reduced by 4 dB (60% noise power reduction) when it is within 1 m from the aircraft, through a combination of the new aerodynamic props and the new ESC.
  • It’s shinier.

Are the batteries interchangeable between the two Mavic models?

  • Yes, the battery is exactly the same so can be used with either Mavic.

Is the Mavic Pro Platinum waterproof?

  • No, absolutely not. As the Mavic doesn’t have any kind of landing gear, make sure you take off and land in areas that are dry, flat and completely free of surface water.

Do Mavic Platinum propellers need to be removed when being transported?

  • No, the props fold in nicely so there’s no need to remove them.

What happens if the Mavic Pro Platinum props are not fully unfolded before take-off?

  • This is where our old friend physics comes in handy. As soon as the rotors start to spin, the centrifugal force will push the props into the correct position. There’s no need to worry about how they are unfolded.


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