CX-10WD Wifi – BEST micro drone with Altitude Hold

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This is what you buy first when you want to fly drones. It has realtime Wifi video using your android or iOS smartphone… We go outdoors and test the newest micro drone from Cheerson. I liked the other CX-10s for indoor flying. CX-10WD has altitude hold so I thought it would be fun to review it outside. Check out the flight footage. Enjoy guys, Justin Davis.

Buy a CX-10WD for $35 here:

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:

– Altitude Hold.
– Auto Take off & land
– 3 Flying Modes, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
– Store video and photos on your phone.
– Easy to setup
– Uses app for video screen, modes, and features.
– Transmitter/Storage case included.
– Flies way better with the transmitter than a smartphone.
– Nimble and fast with the advanced Mode
– Does 3D flips
– Records 640×480 video
– Takes Photo stills
– Auto land on low battery
– Affordable price
– Nice to fly indoors when there is bad weather
– Can course race in your house. Build a racing course
and video your laps through your homemade gates!
– CX-10WD WIFI App works on Android or iOS.
– 5 Min flight time

– There is some lag in the video after the drone is on
for some time. But that is expected because the video transmitter
inside the drone is very small. Even the larger video transmitters get hot.
– I would like more flight time. But wouldn’t everyone?
– Does not like wind. Stay out of wind!

Notes: Be sure to push the throttle stick up and back down and then: Push both sticks down and to the bottom outside corners to arm the motors. Auto-take off was kind of fast. Be ready for it. haha. I do like this version of the CX-10WD much better than the smartphone controlled ones. I like the controls on this transmitter and how it is adjustable for a wider stance. I would say buy one for the price you can’t lose. You will have fun with this one. Have fun guys!

Justin Davis

Music by: Joakim Karud

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