Deploy Drone From Trunk of Car

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New Ford Patent To Deploy Drone From Trunk of Car

Ford Motors made headlines this week after details regarding the company’s recent patent, filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on October 10, 2019, surfaced.

The patent shows a drone-like system that is deployed automatically out of the trunk of a vehicle. According to the patent, the drone can be programmed to follow the vehicle as it drives down the road, or signal the vehicle’s location to emergency services in the event of an emergency. The patent can be applied to all types of vehicles, and the drone can be charged and stored in the trunk of the vehicle between uses.

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The flow chart illustrated in the patent shows how the drone would operate. The vehicle receives an alert signal, selects operating mode, sets perceptible alert, opens the trunk and deploys the drone (figure 3). Operating modes include security mode, panic mode, static view mode, monitoring mode, and a fly mode.

The different operating modes allow the users to have the drone hover over the car, shine a light, sound an alarm, capture footage, stream video, or even fly to a specific location. Ford hopes to make it as easy as possible for a vehicle to be located, with the majority of the uses being safety-related.

The concept is quite impressive and we look forward to seeing where it goes. Stay tuned to UAV Expert New for more information on this story!


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