DJI Dominates Dronestagram

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DJI Dominates DronestagramDronestagram

The 2017 Dronestagram International Drone Photography Contest has come and gone with thousands of entries of spectacular shots from around the world. Props to Dronestagram and its sponsors (National Geographic, Lowepro and others) for the ability to judge winners. There are too many amazing shots for me to ever settle on a winner.

What’s great about these contests is it offers insights into the gear these photographers use. And if NPD numbers weren’t enough of a clue, DJI thoroughly dominates the consumer drone market. Four categories were judged – Nature, People, Urban and Creativity – and each of the three winners per category was snapped with a DJI drone.

Does that mean you have to buy the latest DJI offers? No. In fact, the winning photographers show it’s the person framing the shot and not drone that gives the best results. Below are the drones used by category.


Provence, summer trim by jcourtial

Provence, summer trim by jcourtial took first prize in Nature. Amazing shot and while the initial pic doesn’t offer us insight into the drone used, a glance through his profile shows a similar shot taken with the FC330. That’s the camera on the Phantom 4. While DJI may not manufacture the Phantom 4 in favor of its latest offerings, the Phantom 4 is available all day long on Amazon for just over $800. Continue reading about DJI on dronestagram.

Source: News Ledge


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