DJI Product Lifecycle Announcement

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The latest product lifecycle status of Enterprise products

At DJI, we are constantly evaluating and updating our product line to meet the evolving needs of customers across industries. This means that we are streamlining the production, sales, development, and service for some products to make room for exciting new solutions that will be released later this year. Please find below the definition of each milestone and a list of products.

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  • End-of-Production (EOP): production discontinued.
  • End-of-Availability (EOA): sales by DJI discontinued.
  • End-of-Development (EOD): software updates by DJI for the product discontinued (does not apply when major security issues are involved).
  • End-of-Service (EOS): maintenance and technical support services by DJI discontinued.
  • N/A: not applicable.
  • TBD: date to be decided.

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Source: DJI Press

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