DJI Responds to UK Registration Rules

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CAA uk drone regulations registration and safety awarenessThe world’s leading drone manufacturer, DJI has published a response to the weekend’s news that the UK plans to introduce new safety rules for recreational drones, including drone registration.

DJI “welcomes” new plans for drone safety, says the statement.

“Drone technology offers enormous benefits to the UK, and the Department for Transport’s proposal appears to strike a sensible balance between protecting public safety and bringing those benefits to the UK’s businesses and the public at large,” said Brendan Schulman, DJI Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs. “DJI has invested heavily in adding safety features, and we expect the government to work closely with industry leaders to ensure progress and promote technological innovation. We are encouraged by the fair and thoughtful approach the government has taken to date. The key will be maintaining this balance in the next round of deliberation.”

Pointing out that they have led the industry in technology fixes for responsible use of drones, including geofencing technology, the company says that they support “simple schemes for pilots to easily register drones with governments, as well as educational initiatives to ensure pilots understand how to fly drones safely.”

“DJI strongly condemns unsafe and illegal drone operations, and believes educating drone pilots is the best way to ensure drones maintain their admirable safety record,” says the statement.

The UK government’s announcement comes only a month after a Federal Appeals court ruled recreational drone registration unlawful in the United States.  While the US drone registration program has now been made voluntary, DJI spoke out strongly in favor of registration and participated in the FAA’s drone registration task force.  Critics of the program point out that manufacturers may see drone registration as a way of avoiding point of sale or other methods of ensuring regulatory compliance, which could prove even more costly for manufacturers and damaging to the industry.



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