DJI Spark ND Filters from PolarPro & Freewell

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Anyone who has shot videos on a drone knows that too much sunlight can be an issue. If you are looking to maximize your DJI Spark’s potential, then getting the right ND, or neutral density, filter is what you need. ND filters darken your overall shot to help balance the exposure. Since the DJI Spark has a fixed 2.6 aperture, an ND filter will help control the amount of light entering into the camera. DJI Spark ND filters will not only help with overblown shots, but it’ll also help you shoot smooth cinematic videos. In order to get the ideal shot, the shutter speed needs to be double the frame rate, so an ND filter will help you get the best results. There are many brands you can choose from, but PolarPro and Freewell offer some of the best ND filters for DJI’s newest drone.

DJI Spark ND Filters from PolarPro

PolarPro has been making drone filters and accessories for four years now, and this company might be the first recommended brand that pops up when you ask someone what to get. They are now offering ND filters and polarizers for the DJI Spark. Their unique press on design ensures a precise fit. Not only are these glass filters high quality, but they are also lightweight. PolarPro’s DJI Spark ND filters are made with aircraft aluminum, and they are 100% compatible with the drone’s gimbal. PolarPro also backs up their filters with a lifetime warranty! Their 3 pack, which includes a polarizer, ND8, and ND 16 filter, costs $49. If you are looking to get ready for any and every situation, then their 6 pack is what you need. The DJI Spark filter 6 pack costs $99.99, and it’ll come with a fixed PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND8, ND16, and ND32 filters.

spark nd filters
PolarPro’s DJI Spark Filters

What are Polarizers?

If you are wondering what polarizers do, they reduce glare and increase saturation.

DJI Spark ND Filters from Freewell Gear

spark nd filter
Freewell Gear’s DJI Spark Filters

Freewell Gear were the first to “make multicoated filters for drones,” and they also offer high quality filters for the DJI Spark. Their filters are currently being sold as pre-orders, but shipment will start on July 20. The filters are multicoated on both sides of the optical glass for optimal clarity. Their snap-on design comes with a lifetime warranty, and it’s made to be light enough for the Spark’s gimbal. Freewell offers a standard 4 pack for everyday shooting, and they have a 4 pack for brighter days. Both 4 packs costs $59.99. If you are interested in having a mixture of ND filters and polarizers similar to what PolarPro offers, then Freewell also sells a 6 pack for $99.99.

ND filters are definitely a must have, especially if you are dealing with sunny situations. If you choose filters from Freewell or Polarpro, you can rest assured that you are getting the industry’s best.


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