Do you have a forty million dollar budget? Be inspired

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Do you have a forty million dollar budget? Be inspiredUAV Experts

In our business we are privileged to work with and consult to many different companies. Some small, just starting up and some with net worths of over 8 billion dollars. For me, I enjoy working the most with the creative ones, those who think “there is no box”  and are resourceful with the tools that they have. If you are a story teller and don’t have a forty million dollar budget you might think that you are are limited in your creative filmmaking abilities….. but not any more.

If you are a current or aspiring filmmaker the DJI Inspire 2 can really do it all. The gimbal is so smooth, the camera and flight functions in both single or dual operator modes are incredible. It is set friendly and a very versatile cinematography tool (as you can see in this short video directed by Sheldon Schwartz). The dynamic range of the X5s camera enables you to shoot in all scenarios including lower light, interiors, exteriors, in the air or on the ground.

Don’t be held back call UAV Experts today to be inspired and tell your stories.

Call us today to be inspired and tell your stories.

Order an inspire 2 with the Apple Pro Rez license before the end of September and receive a 120 Gig SSD card (a $299 value) for FREE!



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