Douglas County Sheriffs Department Trains Hard

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Below freezing temperatures didn’t stop members of the Douglas County Sheriffs Department from coming to the UAV Experts training facility on January 2nd. The team, who is located in Douglas, GA, received flight and software instruction before taking delivery of a fully loaded DJI Matrice M210.

Cliff Whitney, President of the UAV Experts, stated, “Municipalities are attracted to us because we are one of the top volume suppliers in the USA. More importantly, we are not just a box moving company. We fully support our clients and all of our products for the long term. and sister company, is one of the original DJI Tier 1 Enterprise distributors and the only supplier that has been in the unmanned business since 1978. We are considered a sole source, full circle supplier, meaning we supply factory direct equipment, fleet management, flight training, infrared training, and FAA test prep or COA work. No other company offers all four of these specialties nor has any been in the unmanned business as long as we have.”

Douglas County Sheriffs Department Learning How To Fly The M210
Sheriffs Department Flying the new M210

Greg Ledford, head of UAV Experts Technology Development department, commented “My team has built and deployed a lot of these systems and it is great to work with folks like the Douglas County Sheriffs and other public service and emergency management personnel who can use the benefits our programs and products provide.  Equipment like the Matrice M210 is an all-weather product and combined with the Zenmuse 30X optical zoom and the FLIR XT Infrared camera can really help emergency management personnel in disaster, search and rescue and other areas where these tools are much faster to deploy and safer than sending in rescue or even SWAT personal into an unknown situation. “

UAV Experts Repair and Upgrade Center

There’s nothing better than getting your hands on the latest UAV equipment and learning to fly with an expert. Our team offers both 1 and 2-day hands-on UAV Flight Training courses. Our program features small classes, limited to only 12 students per class, with extensive hands-on flight training and ample classroom time, giving students a better understanding of the various flight, software, and hardware systems. Private classes are available upon request.

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