Drone Companies in Japan Get A Testing Advantage with Rakuten AirMap Launch

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Drone innovators who want to try their solutions at test sites in Japan can do it today – registering and getting authorization through mobile apps. Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten and leading drone platform provider AirMap launch Rakuten AirMap: a localized Unmanned Traffic Management Platform for Japan.

Rakuten, sometimes referred to as “the Amazon of Japan,” is a global e-commerce powerhouse, and a leader in innovation.  Rakuten has already successfully developed delivery drones – but they are taking the next step towards making drone delivery a reality by launching the Rakuten AirMap platform, which will allow drone operators to be aware of other traffic and includes the recently developed Low Altitude Airspace Notification Capability (LAANC) which will allow operators to receive nearly instant airspace authorizations.

The partnership between AirMap and Rakuten was established back in March, says AirMap.  The Rakuten AirMap solution offers “Japan’s most comprehensive suite of airspace intelligence for situational awareness and flight planning, including:

National drone rules from the Civil Aviation Bureau and National Police Agency;
Prohibited, restricted, and danger areas;
Densely inhabited districts;
NOTAMs, which alert pilots to temporary or time-sensitive restrictions, such as sporting events;
Wind and weather; and
Locations of airports and heliports, schools, hospitals, prisons, power plants, nuclear facilities, sports stadiums, and public buildings,” says the AirMap announcement.

Rakuten provides this image as part of their English-language announcement to describe the capabilities.  “By connecting the drone operator and airspace managers,  Rakuten AirMap’s UTM platform opens the airspace for intelligent drone flight,” says Rakuten.

The system will be deployed first in Chiba City, one of Japan’s de-regulation zones designed to encourage drone innovation.  As a “National Strategic Special Zone” Chiba City has several drone test sites.”Beginning today, drone innovators who wish to fly at these test sites can register and receive authorization from Chiba City with the AirMap mobile apps,” says AirMap.

“AirMap is proud to power Japan’s drone ecosystem, and to partner with Rakuten to open more airspace for drones,” says AirMap.


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