Drone Finds Missing Hiker In The Woods

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Maryland Man Stunned His Drone Finds Missing Hiker In The Woods

Daily News reports that Julian Bustos was “shocked” his personal drone found a missing hiker in a heavily wooded area of Maryland after only a few minutes in the air.

Jason Blake Mabee, 44, was missing for five days and was described as an “avid athlete” who vanished from his home in Ellicott City without his cellphone or wallet, according to police.

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Bustos joined the volunteer search party after hearing about the case because their kids are in the same pre-K class, he told the Daily News Tuesday.

His drone spotted Mabee around 12:30 p.m. Saturday at the bottom of a “very steep hill,” Bustos said.

“The moment I saw him was shocking because he looked lifeless, lying on his back and not moving. I was very concerned,” Bustos said. “Luckily he was still alive. The cops who got to him were able to speak with him.”

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Bustos said the spot where he parked and first started looking was an area already covered by volunteers searching on foot. It was so rugged and steep, Mabee went undetected at first.

“I thought a person trying to survive would probably stay close to water, so when I saw a river and a couple ponds on the map, I decided to stop and fly the drone straight to the river,” Bustos said. Continue reading about how a Maryland Man found missing hiker with his drone.

Source: Daily News


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