Drone footage gives unique look at spectacular Lake Michigan ice formations

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SOUTH HAVEN, MI– Often, the best way to appreciate the beauty of the ice on Lake Michigan is from above.

In the wake of a winter storm that turned the lakeshore into a ice-covered version of itself, MLive flew a drone Monday, Feb. 8, to get a different perspective.

From high above the South Haven pier, beautiful pancakes of ice can be seen floating, many frozen together, where the Black River empties into the lake and stretched about half a mile into the big lake. The piers themselves were covered in ice and snow, with a dramatic-looking ice coating, shaped by wind, covering the west face of South Haven’s lighthouse.

Lake Michigan’s famous ice shelves have also taken shape along the shoreline in the wake of the weekend storm, and the visually captivating “blue ice” has been spotted yet again near the Mackinac Bridge.

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First responders in South Haven and elsewhere along the Lake Michigan shoreline caution residents and visitors against going out onto the piers during the winter months, warning of dangerous conditions and treacherous ice.

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Source: Joel Bissell

Photo credit: Press


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