Drone News: Drones at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

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Here’s a summary of all the drone companies that are present at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

DJI – LVCC, Central Hall – 14710 and South Hall 2 – 26002

Let’s start with the biggest of them all, Chinese drone manufacturer, DJI. DJI will not have a special event this year at CES. They will, however, have a booth set up with all their drones. They also invited you to try out their drones and you can borrow their Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal to use during the event. As of yet, we have no news on any new drones being launched in Las Vegas this year.

Drone Interactive

Another drone company exhibiting here at CES Unveiled is Drone Interactive, a French company that puts together a mashup of AR, tiny drones, and gaming controllers to create a drone-based gaming experience.


The last drone company we found on the floor of CES Unveiled was Eyesee, which builds inventory management drones for warehouses. The drone uses technology from Squadrone System, Hardis Group, and Zebra to make a system built for logistics warehouses. Obviously, the idea to minimize human and material resources as much as possible and automate the process.


Fortem is one of many drone startups showcasing their products and platforms at CES 2018, and they’re an interesting one indeed. Fortem has announced a new radar system for drones called the TrueView R20, which it hopes will make autonomous out-of-sight drone flying a reality.

GDU drones

GDU is here at CES unveiled showing off their latest GDU O2 drone. The drone was actually announced back at InterDrone in September, but GDU says that it’s finally going to start shipping next week.

Geneinno’s with the Poseidon 1 – LVCC South Hall 2 #26801

If flying is not your thing but you have always been interested in underwater exploration, then this may be the drone for you. It is called the Geneinno Poseidon 1 underwater drone and it will be displayed at CES this year.


Shenzhen-based HighGreat is showing off a couple new drones at CES 2018 this week, both of which target the middle-to-low end of the consumer drone market — which is currently dominated by DJI with its Mavic and Spark. The drones go by the names “Mark” and “Hesper”, respectively,  and both fold up a la the Mavic, making them portable, light, and easy to carry.

Intel’s ‘Shooting Star’ drones

Parrot – missing in action?

It seems that Parrot will not be present at CES 2018, which is really unfortunate.


The new DJI OSMO Mobile 2 has been the big news from the famed Chinese drone maker this week, but DJI isn’t the only company releasing new handheld camera stabilizers. One similar product being shown off at CES is dubbed the Removu K1, and it tries to differentiate itself with a small display for making sure you’re always getting the perfect shot.

Ryze with the new Tello drone

The Tello will be officially shown on January 9 at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Media, resellers, and customers are welcome to come and experience the Tello at one of the following location between January 9 – 12: Intel – Central Hall, Booth #10048, Xentris – South Hall 2, Booth #35617, Gamevice – South Hall 1, Booth #21023, PGY – South Hall 2, Booth #27026

Workhorse Surefly – LVCC, Central Plaza

Workhorse’s Surefly personal helicopter drone was first shown to the public during the Paris Air Show in June of 2017. Now we have learned that Workhorse has received an Experimental Airworthiness Certificate from the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) to fly their personal drone during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week.

Yuneec – LVCC, South Hall 2, 26402

They are a featured exhibitor at the CES2018 and have announced: “Yuneec will be showcasing new products at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018!”. In another tweet, they implied that it may have to do with the Typhoon H

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