Drone Software Used To Help Survey Damage After Hurricane Dorian

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In another example of drones being integrated in the way that the world does business,  SimActive the Canadian based provider of photogrammetry software announced that their software was used to help determine the impact of the most recent Hurricane Dorian.    The provider details how they helped to determine financial impact of the recent hurricane by providing both pre and post images of properties to determine the impact/damage caused by the storm.

From their press release:

SimActive Inc. announced that Correlator3D™ has been used by Air Data Solutions (ADS) in Florida to determine financial assistance following Hurricane Dorian.

Aerial imagery was collected before the storm for pre-hurricane assessment and after for damage analysis.

A Phase One 100MP aerial camera owned by ADS was flown to gather high resolution images of the affected areas. The data was then processed by SimActive software to create
mosaics of orthophotos. The resulting geospatial data helped government authorities to calculate recovery aid funds.
“We have been impressed by the accuracy and speed of Correlator3D to support such a time- critical mission”, said Don Cummins, President of ADS. “Combined with a high-end aerial sensor, SimActive provides the best tool for emergency response.”




About SimActive:

SimActive is the developer of Correlator3D™ software, a patented end-to-end photogrammetry solution for the generation of high-quality geospatial data from satellite and aerial imagery, including UAVs. Correlator3D™ performs aerial triangulation (AT) and produces dense digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), point clouds, orthomosaics, 3D models and vectorized 3D features. Powered by GPU technology and multi-core CPUs, Correlator3D™ ensures matchless processing speed to support rapid production of large datasets. SimActive has been selling Correlator3D™ to leading mapping firms and government organizations around the world, offering cutting-edge photogrammetry software backed by exceptional customer support.


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