Drone Suspected in Aiding Prison Escape

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Multiple sources are reporting that a South Carolina prison officials suspect Jimmy Causey, a prisoner at the Lieber Correctional Institution,  may have used a drone to fly in tools that enabled him to break out of the institution. Mr. Causey was recaptured in Texas Friday. He escapted on July 4th.

“We 100 percent know a cellphone was used or multiple cellphones were used while he was incarcerated, and we believe a drone was used to fly in the tools that allowed him to escape,” Bryan Stirling, the director of the South Carolina Department of Corrections, said at a news conference on Friday. Mr. Causey was serving a life sentence for kidnapping a lawyer.

He escapted after using wire cutters that likely were dropped onto prison grounds from a drone, said Mr. Stirling.

Authorities received a tip early Friday that led them to a Motel 6 in Austin, Tex., where Mr. Causey, 46, was staying, according to Mark Keel, the head of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. Texas Rangers were notified and found him there  around 4 a.m., he said. He was asleep at the time and did not resist arrest. He had a semiautomatic pistol, a pump shotgun, extra ammunition, four cellphones and $47,654 in cash. The source of the money was not disclosed. officials with the authority to jam cellphone signals at their institutions.


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