DroneAg Launches Next Generation Drone

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The UK based company, DroneAG, known for developing and providing end-to-end drone solutions for agriculture, has released a world’s first. The company has announced that they are the first to market the latest generation M200 Agri Pro drone integrated with the latest generation Slantrange 3p agri sensor.

The M200 Agri Pro Drone is based on the latest generation of DJI drone technology, combining a reliable and easy to fly drone platform with the latest multispectral camera technology from Slantrange.

“This system combines the best-in-class DJI M200 drone and highly effective 3p multispectral sensor from Slantrange ” says DroneAG’s Jack Wrangham. “The industrial spec system can operate in more adverse environments than ever before, producing more  of the most accurate data than before, in a shorter time  – and process that data without an internet connection.”

This gives users the ability to capture high quality, and high-resolution multispectral and visual data more often and in more environments than ever before. The innovative, simple multispectral camera integration is a first for the M200 and creates a powerful vegetation mapping tool.

The system features an IP43 rated enclosed weather, and dust resistance design perfect for any environment.Experience 30 min flight times, even in strong winds with high-performance motors paired with 17-inch propellers orsub-zero temperatures with automatic battery heating.

“The UK weather won’t be such an issue with this system, “ said Jack. “and the information is quickly and easily obtained so data can be acted upon straight away.”

The exciting new set-up was developed and tested by DroneAG at their farm estate base where they offer agri-specific training with the new system package, creating a full end-to-end solution.

For more information on the M200 Agri Pro Drone, please visit https://droneag.farm/


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