Drones Beat at the Heart of Celine Dion’s Tour

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Because she loved them, indoor-drone provider Verity Studios is embarking on a new tour with Canadian sensation Céline Dion with a bevy of illuminated autonomous drones set to launch during the pop diva’s upcoming concerts.

As described by a Verity statement:

“In the much-awaited encore of Dion’s show, the song ‘My Heart Will Go On, more than 100 Verity drones rise from the stage, dramatically turning blue and thronging around Dion as the song reaches its crescendo. In the final strains of the song, the drones hover above Céline before descending to the stage one by one. A single drone sinks down towards Dion’s outstretched hands before it lifts away as she raises her arms.”

“’My Heart Will Go On’ is Céline Dion’s biggest hit and show designer Yves Aucoin wanted to create a big visual impact for this song,” Verity’s Head of Live Events Federico Augugliaro said.

“The drones were integral in providing an immersive, 3D effect, and Céline Dion’s interactions with the drones evoke a strong emotional response from the audience.”

In addition to an appearance in Dion’s tour, Verity drones recently soared at the National Center of Performing Arts in Beijing this month. “Costumed as flying plastic waste, they performed in Season 3 of Apologue 2047.”

“Whether on tour, in theaters or in corporate events, shopping malls and airports, Verity’s autonomous flying machines have become a standard line item for many big-budget productions,” Verity CEO and founder Raffaello D’Andrea said.

“By continuing to integrate with the live events ecosystem and getting this technology into the hands of designers, we expect the creative use of what we have developed to increase exponentially.”

In 2018, Verity partnered with rapper Drake to provide an autonomous, swarm-based drone show to the artist’s Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour. Drake’s hit Elevate opened with the micro drones swarming onto the stage to surround Drake in a cloud of lights to the roar of the audience. In another guest appearance, the Lucie micro drones created a glittering wave in the song Look Alive before forming a red 3D cross that rotates around Drake.

Verity officials said the Grammy-winning rapper’s tour is the first of its kind to launch Lucie micro-drones on the heels of shows for rock stars Metallica and Circus Knie.


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