Drones May Soon Deliver Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

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Courtesy: Terra Drone

Ice cream addicts jonesing for Chunky Monkey  or Cherry Garcia may soon look to the skies for their daily allowance of frozen heaven.

Terra Drone Europe is teaming up with British-Dutch conglomerate Unilever to explore drone delivery of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cups.

During a recent Unilever investor’s event, attendees watched as a multi-copter drone delivered a box labeled “Open Me” holding three mini cups weighing 78g each.

“With regulations around future drone flights expected to become more flexible, the consumer goods company is preparing for a drone logistics service that will deliver products to more customers faster,” a Terra Drone Europe press release stated.

The initiative is part of Unilever’s Ice Cream Now delivery service launched in 2017.

“We want to solve serious problems in the logistics field, such as carbon dioxide emissions, with drones,” Yuki Ueno, Director of Terra Drone Europe, said. “As deregulation progresses worldwide, drone delivery services will also increase.”

Terra Drone Europe is a subsidiary of Japanese startup Terra Drone.

Other Terra Drone News

December: The World Bank commissioned KazUAV, another Terra Drone subsidiary, to conduct drone inspections over older school buildings across the city of Bishek in the Kyrgyz Republic . So far, drones have mapped 12 schools in the nation’s capital and largest city.

November: Terra Drone’s Indonesian subsidiary deployed a multirotor drone equipped with high-resolution RGB and thermal cameras to inspect onshore flare stacks at one of the nation’s largest oil fields in Rokan, Sumatra.

October: C-Astral, a member of the Terra Drone group, tested the UAS Advanced Technology Light Acquisition/ATAK drone system as part of a NATO initiative. Dubbed ATLAS, the UAV solution is an advanced micro system designed for advanced endurance, flexibility, sensor flexibility and maintainability.

June: The company provides drone services to the UK’s national mapping agency, Ordnance Survey. The contract includes services from orthomosaics to digital terrain models (DTM) and digital surface models. Terra Drone Europe plans to survey more than 500 locations using fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones.

May: Established Terra Drone Angola after receiving multiple contracts from major oil and gas companies in West Africa.


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