Eachine F16 Mini Falcon RC Aircraft Flight Test Review

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This is a fast and nimble little jet. It’s very reactive and fun to fly. Find it here http://bit.ly/F16-Falcon

– Another continuation of the Eachine/Volantex warbird series. Nice 365mm wingspan flying model of the Fighting Falcon.
– Three channel control of throttle, ailerons, and elevators.
– Gyro stabilization system with three selectable modes of Beginner, Intermediate (Midd), and Expert flier.
– Automatic acrobatics button conducts automatic aileron rolls on command. The rolls are very rapid, and can be conducted at low altitudes without hitting the ground.
– One key return will automatically fly the aircraft the opposite direction that it was pointed as set on the gorund.
– 1020 brushed motor provides plenty of power and speed to this plane.
– Powered by common 3.7V 400mah battery.

– Brushed motor. It will eventually need replaced.
– Advertised as four channel. In reality, the vertical stabilizer has a fixed rudder. Also, rudder control appears to do nothing when applied in flight.
– Advertised at up to 14 minutes flight time. More realistic is about 6 minutes.
– Requires getting it up to speed for smooth level flight. Gets jittery at low speed. Hand launches also require pulling back on the stick at full throttle until you gain sufficient speed for level flight.
– Great for intermediate and advanced pilots. It’s a lot of fun. But I personally would not recommend it for beginners. The flight speed of this plane is a bit high for beginners to stay ahead of. A good sized flying field is also recommended due to its speed.

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