Eachine P-51D Mini Mustang Stabilized 4 Channel Stunt Trainer Plane Flight Test Review

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This ready to fly fighter plane is a ton of fun for intermediate and above fliers. Fast and maneuverable, it can be flown fully stabilized while still allowing stunt aerobatics. If you get into trouble in a stunt, just let go of the sticks and the plane will quickly and automatically level itself. Find it here http://bit.ly/MustangP51D

Interesting side note, the plane is painted out as “Bunnie” “Miss Kentucky State”, of the 332nd Fighter Group (Tuskegee Airmen) http://bit.ly/BunnieP-51D

– Ready to fly with included transmitter.
– True four channel airplane with throttle, elevator, rudder, and aileron control.
– Three selectable flight modes. Beginner mode includes full 6 axis stabilization (3 axis gyro and 3 axis accelerometer). Also includes angle restrictions that prevent the aircraft rolling or pitching over. Intermediate “Midd” mode also includes 6 axis stabilzation, but turns off pitch angle restrictions to allow manual stunts. Expert mode turns off all stabilization for fully aerobatic manual flying.
– Controller also includes a stunt button that allows the airplane to automatically conduct loops and aileron rolls.
– Quick disconnect propeller saver automatically disconnects the propeller in a crash to prevent propellor or motor damage. Propeller can be quickly reattached after the crash to continue flying.
– Constructed of flexible and crash resistant EPP foam.

– Although fully stabilized to lessen the chance of crashes, it is a bit fast for beginner pilots. Beginners might have difficulty flying this as they won’t have much time to react and correct beginner’s mistakes (particularly if they lose orientation).
– One key return feature did not seem to work with mine.
– Brushed motor airplane. Its motor will eventually fail some day.
– Short flight time of about 5 minutes. Although this comes with two or three batteries, it is very important to allow about 15 minutes of rest time between flights to lessen the chance of overheating and failing the brushed motor.

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