Epic Drone Footage Shows Surf Rescue in Portugal

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Getting wiped out by 100ft waves is all part of the fun when surfing in Portugal’s Praia do Norte…

The combination of drone and extreme sports is one that continues to capture the imaginations of aerial photographers. Crazy things just look better from above. Sure, it’s mostly to do with adrenaline. But one of the best things about extreme feats – from tricks on a ski slope to base jumping – is the ability to say you went there and conquered that.

Having a drone to hand can help make telling that story a whole lot easier. And a whole lot more impressive.

We’ve seen plenty of drone films in recent months, but few match ‘The Big Ugly’ for drama. This short film highlights the power of some of the world’s most renowned surf, in Portugal’s Praia do Norte.

In February earlier this year, Brazilian surfer Pedro Scooby caught a giant wave and the drone pilot (presumably on the beach somewhere) had the drone right where it needed to be, capturing some incredible footage while keeping the surfer in shot.

But things quickly took a turn for the dramatic when Scooby fell off his board. Here’s the full clip from the aerial filmmakers at Máquina Voadora…

Dramatic, right? From above you can really see the strength of those waves and the power of the current.

On December 3rd, “The Big Ugly” won the award for “News & Documentary” film at the Los Angeles Drone Film Festival 2017. So we guess it was all worth it.

While we’re at it, another extreme sports drone video caught our eye recently. This time it was a winner at the Australia & New Zealand Drone Film Festival. Ice Call: Backyards Project, by Antoine Frioux, uses plenty of drone footage to capture one skier’s spectacular skills. Check it out below:


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