European Drone Regulations: The EASA High Level Conference at Amsterdam Drone Week

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Adam Kliczek, CC BY-SA 4.0

Europe’s leading drone conference, Amsterdam Drone Week, takes place December 4 – 6: and the EASA High Level Conference on drones meeting there could have a major impact on the global drone industry.

In addition to being a global center for the discussion of urban air mobility, smart city solutions, and global unmanned traffic solutions (UTM), Amsterdam Drone Week hosts the EASA High Level Conference on Drones.  This year, as EASA works to implement the regulations published last summer, the discussions could be critical to the development of the commercial drone industry in Europe and around the world.

A look at the Conference program provides some insight on the critical issues facing European regulators.  At the top of the list is scaling operations for the enterprise, as larger industrial applications like infrastructure inspections and energy offer high return on investment.  Representatives from drone advocacy groups, government regulators, and drone service providers will discuss implementing the new EASA regulations for enterprise operations; and addressing the societal concerns that go along with expanded drone operations.

The Conference will also offer discussions about U-Space – the European UTM framework.  In order for drone operations to expand, a robust solution for integrating drones into the airspace safely will need to be implemented.  Unamnned traffic management is a complex issue, which involves regulations as well as technology solutions.  Representatives from unmanned traffic solutions providers like Unifly will join with regulators and drone companies to discuss the future of U-Space and drone integration.

Finally, the Conference will offer technical workshops on the new EASA regulations – which must be implemented within the next year for drone companies, and which require member states to implement the appropriate systems to accomodate requirements like drone registration.

Along with the exhibit demonstrations, business meetings and seminars on aspects of drone technology from food delivery to urban air mobility that are features of Amsterdam Drone Week, the EASA High Level Conference on Drones will bring the biggest names in the industry together.  It’s a unique opportunity for the rest of us to be part of the conversation.

You can still register for Amsterdam Drone Week at a discounted rate until November 25.  For more information, see details here.





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