Flamethrowers You Can Attach To Drones

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Yes, Now There Are Actual Flamethrowers You Can Attach To Drones

Yes, Now There Are Actual Flamethrowers You Can Attach To Drones

Drones are one of those inventions that people from 20 years ago would have never seen coming. Sure, many of us anticipated robots to be present in some form, but nobody could have expected that they’d be able to fly or take off vertically! Even weirder, nobody would have predicted that anyone could purchase these bots online at relatively little cost.

Still, drones have made their mark on our society — and in many ways, we’re all the better for it. Drones assist in many industries — from safety inspections to deliveries, and even the medical field. Now, for the first time, drones will be able to do something for ordinary consumers that they’ve never been able to do officially: shoot fire.

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Yes, it sounds completely insane, but an engineering company has developed a flamethrower accessory that can be mounted on some of the most popular drones on the market. The product goes on sale in the coming months, but is our society really ready for flying, flame-spitting robots that ordinary people can control? Or is the whole thing bound to crash and burn?

Throwflame introduces the TF-19 WASP

Flamethrowing drones aren’t an entirely new creation. Amateurs have been making them and showing them off on YouTube for years now — and it’s easy to see why.

Robots are cool, and robots that shoot fire out of their mouths are like something out of a dystopian fiction movie! But safety concerns and engineering issues have kept flamethrowing drones more of a curiosity than a trend — until now.

Enter Throwflame, a flamethrower development company, that is introducing its first-ever drone-mounted flamethrower accessory to the market. Continue reading about the TF-19 flamethrower attachments for your drone.

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