FMS EDGE 540 – REBULL Style Plane Review & Flight Test

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EPIC flying session and build tips of the FMS EDGE 540 Airplane. The EDGE 540 is a worldwide famous aerobatic plane used in the Redbull Air Races. This is an ARF that you can setup in a few hours time. Join us for some wild aerobatics with forward and rear facing video. Ps. Watch out guys this is not a beginner plane!

Buy an FMS EDGE 540: Includes all parts to fly except radio,
battery, servos and receiver. Links for Airplane below here:

FMS Metal Gear Servos here: ( you need 4 ).
FMS 17g Digital Metal Gear Servo

4S 3300mah Battery here: ( good price ):

What I liked about the FMS EDGE 540:

– FMS is known for making great quality foamie airplanes.
– Made of durable EPO foam that is dense and tough.
– FMS Metal Geared servos are just $13.99 each and perform well.
– Durable landing gear in my testing so far. I had some bumps as
you can see in the video.
– Loops, inverted eights, rolls, knife edges, outside loops, and hover maneuvers.
– Large control horns for maximum throw if you want. Or tune it down to fly on rails.
– Good power system. The motor is already mounted. All you have to do it put the prop on.
– All the servo cables are already inside the plane and labeled
so you know where to plug things into the receiver.
– Scale looking pilot inside the cockpit is kind of cool.
– Color schemes come in light blue and white or red.
– Works well with Spektrum, Futuba, or Taranis Radios.
– Flies for more than 6-7 minutes in my testing on a Turnigy 4S 2650
– 60Amp FMS ESC. Tip: If you turn on your plane and it just beeps at you. Take off the prop and do this. Turn on your radio. Put the throttle stick in the full up direction. Now turn on the plane. Let it beep and then put the throttle at the full down position. Now it will beep a series of beeps again. Now turn everything off. Restart as normal and you should have throttle and the motor will spin.
– Easy to remove wing for transport.
– Servo arms were easy to install and include extra hardware to
hold the arms on the servos.
– It did need some tuning just like any aerobatic plane would need. Some trim work on the first flights and some expo added and subtracted to suit my flying style. I would start with +25 expo on ailerons, elevator, and rudder. Then move up or down if you think one of the controls are too twitchy. Trust me don’t fly the maiden without expo. Be ready for a fast plane.
– This plane has huge potential. My flying will improve
and grow while flying this plane. Theres always room to grow when flying an EDGE 540.

Over all a sweet looking plane that gets compliments at the field. People that don’t fly stopped and looked at it while it was in the air and on the ground. It’s a crowd pleaser for sure. Next I will get a Nano pack to fly with a little more power.

What I didn’t like:

– I would like to see a little more power in the motor for hovering. I don’t trust it close to the ground because I felt like I couldn’t power out of a tip stall. But that could be my pilot skills. More talented pilots might hover it just fine. Also could be battery placement for better aft CG for hovering.
– It did take some tuning at the field. Usually a few batteries and it is tuned to my flying style. Easily tunable though.
– Landing gear needs soft wheels. Maybe upgrade to some rubber Dubro wheels or foam wheels. The plastic wheels sound and feel terrible on the ground.
– Take your time building the plane. Enjoy the process. Tip: Do not put the prop mount on the motor until you assemble each prop on to the back plate and cover plate. There are nuts that go behind the prop plate. If you put it on before you assemble it… like I did you will have a hard time getting it back off. I thought I would break the motor off trying to get mine off. Hope that helps you guys.

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