Fortress UAV: The Company Tackling the Challenges of Enterprise and Law Enforcement Drone Fleets

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This week, Texas-based Fortress UAV was named one of Government CIO’s Top 10 Law Enforcement Consulting and Services Companies.  Fortress is addressing a market need that is expanding as enterprise and law enforcement fleets get bigger: maintaining aerial assets.

Law enforcement and enterprise subject matter experts face numerous challenges in expanding drone programs.  In addition to their usual workload, operators need to become licenced operators and learn to navigate a complex regulatory environment.  Managing air assets – from determining which drones are right for the job to maintaining, storing and repairing them – can add another layer of difficulty: like a fleet of delivery or emergency vehicles, they require repair and regular maintenance to be ready to go when needed.

‘While the basic tenet of policing to protect and serve- remains a constant, modern law enforcements are modifying their approach toward protecting and serving a society that is continuously evolving. Law enforcement agencies today are contending with an expanding set of challenges— convoluted security threats, new laws and regulations, changing community and professional expectations— while trying to understand and implement emerging technologies,” says the Government CIO article.

It’s those practical challenges of implementation. a significant barrier to entry for resource-strapped public safety departments and enterprise alike, that Fortress tackles.  The company offers a full-service fleet management service for emergency services and enterprise customers – or almost any drone operator.  The Fortress experts help departments to acquire the right air asset for their environment and application.   They’ll repair them when required, perform preventative maintenance, and provide a “hot spare” when the inevitable happens and a drone breaks before a critical mission.  With most drones manufactured overseas and offering limited support services locally, these are critical services not easily available elsewhere.

“We’re filling in the UAV critical support gap in the space for drone maintenance and outsourced drone aviation services,” says Brendon Mills, Fortress UAV CEO.



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