Getting Your First Pair of Drone Goggles

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Getting Your First Pair of Drone Goggles

The Question:  I am getting ready to buy my first pair of drone goggles. What should I look for so that I don’t have to upgrade in the very near future?

Answer: First-person-view (FPV) goggles enable drone enthusiasts to experience a first-person view in exciting new ways. When drone pilots, whether professional or hobbyist, are looking to purchase FPV video goggles, there are a host of useful specs that they should look for. For the ultimate first-person experience, look for goggles that deliver the largest clear field of view, right to the corners of the display. Most FPV goggles range between 37 to 60 degrees. With a 60-degree field of view in front of your eyes, it would
be like watching a 125-inch screen in your living room. These larger fields of view also match more closely the field of view of the camera on the drone creating an undistorted
view for the pilot. FPV goggles with zero latency are also crucial so that the pilot is able to fly without lag. At 80mph, having a video feed that is frames behind causes missed gates, crashes, and lost races. Look for headsets that provide the option of full immersion, where no light is allowed in, or a grounded experience, where you can see the remote your hands are using. The bottom line: Crisp digital images, latency-free transmission, and an extremely wide field of view enable pilots to make quicker decisions while flying through a competitive race course. Lastly, a comfortable headset has an added benefit that ensures that you can wear it not just for the race but for those long hours of practice sessions.  – Paul Travers, CEO of Vuzix


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