Grenade Net Captures Rogue Drones

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Grenade Net Captures Rogue Drones

Ammunition manufacturer Nammo is turning its 40mm grenades into non-lethal ways to capture rogue drones! One option is a net that deploys from the grenade, effectively neutralizing the drone.

Gard Ødegårdsstuen, director of ammunition research and development at Nammo Raufoss, said, “What we want to do now is instead of using high explosives we would like to use a net or wiring system that releases with the spin force of the projectile. We have different solutions because this ammunition is rotating around 200 revolutions a second, so we have a lot of force to throw out a net or wiring system.”

The non-lethal version is  programmable, ensuring the payload is deployed at the correct moment, and a small opening charge “about the size of a firecracker” is required to release the net. The grenades retain the same range as standard rounds fired from the grenade launcher, enabling a significant range boost over existing net-based solutions on the market, according to Nammo.

This type of non-lethal payload could also be used in medium velocity 40×51mm ammunition, commonly found on soldier-fired grenade launchers.


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