It had never been done before

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It had never been done before

It had never been done before … Apollo 11: The Complete Descent

It had never been done before. But 50 years ago today, with the words, “You’re Go for landing”, Apollo 11 astronauts Aldrin and Armstrong received clearance to try and land on the moon.

I was 10-years-old when this took place. Now, as a pilot, this is a pivotal day for me. I still shake with excitement when I watch the final landing sequence, even 50 years later.

Once the go for landing was announced, the next few minutes would contained more than a bit of drama. An unexpected boulder field and an unacceptably sloping crater loomed below.

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With fuel dwindling to less than 30 seconds remaining, Armstrong coolly manually flew the lander above the lunar surface as he looked for a clear and flat place to land.

With only seconds of fuel remaining, and with the help of Aldrin and mission control calling out data, Armstrong finally found a safe spot — and put the Eagle down. 

This is one of the best videos of the event because it showcases specific details of the descent and landing on the moon.

Video Credit: NASA, Apollo Flight Journal Compilation & Copyright: W. David Woods


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