JJRC HY-90 Cheap GPS GoPro Lifting Drone Flight Test Review

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This drone may be the cheapest GPS drone that is capable of lifting GoPro (or GoPro clone) style cameras. It seems to be an upgraded version of the Syma X8C, but with GPS added. It is also capable of FPV flying. Use TOMTOP Coupon “HTHYCG” and find the 720p (common 2.4Ghz WiFi) FPV version here http://bit.ly/HY90-720p, and the 1080p (5Ghz 802.11ac WiFi) FPV version here http://bit.ly/HY90-1080p. Make certain to verify that your phone is indeed 802.11ac WiFi capable before purchasing the 1080p version. Please note that I flew the basic (non FPV camera) version in this video. But that version is not currently available for sale. However, you can still use a GoPro mount like I did with either of the above FPV versions.

– Very inexpensive upgrade to the good old Syma X8C, but with GPS capability added. Can use widely available spare parts (propellers, motors, and batteries) for the Syma X8C.
– Automatic return to home and landing capability on command, loss of signal, and on low battery.
– Very simple and easy to conduct GPS compass calibration.
– Headless mode and point of interest circling capability.
– Motors are brushed Syma X8C motors. This means very simple and easy plug-in motor replacement should a motor fail. Replacement motors are also very inexpensive and widely available (just Google search “Syma X8C motor”).
– Both versions can be used with optional GoPro camera mounts available for the Syma X8C, Bayangtoys X16/X21, or MJX Bugs 3. Flying with a GoPro (or clone) camera provides MUCH better video than the stock 720p or 1080p camera. Suggest Google search “Syma X8C camera mount”. You should easily be able to find a suitable camera mount for this drone for under $5.
– FPV and Follow Me capability (to use such, the drone must be flown with its app and its provided 720p/1080p camera).

– The 1080p version requires a phone with 802.11ac WiFi (the 720p version uses common 2Ghz WiFi). Not everyone has 802.11ac WiFi on their phone. Before considering purchase of the 1080p version, it is very important to first verify that your phone has this type of WiFi. Otherwise you will not be able to view FPV video or use the follow me capability of the drone.
– The 720p version should work with most phones as it uses very common 2.4Ghz WiFi. However, expect short FPV range of about 40-70 meters when flying with the 720p camera attached and plugged in, due to 2.4Ghz frequency interference with the drone’s controller (which also happens to use 2.4Ghz).
– If you use spare batteries, strongly recommend that you wait at least 15 minutes between flights to allow the motors to cool down after a flight. Otherwise you may experience much shorter longevity of the motors than normal.
– Propellers may need balancing to reduce vibrations and video jello.
– Expect short flight time of about 7 minutes when lifting a GoPro due to increased power requirement of lifting the added wieght of the GoPro.

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