Kai Deng K80 Pantonma Obstacle Avoidance Drone Flight Test Review

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The Kaideng K80 Pantonma is unique in toy quadcopters with its obstacle avoidance module that automatically prevents bumping into objects. This version is not yet available. EDIT: A rebranded (TDR Phoenix) version with the WiFi FPV camera module is available here http://amzn.to/2aRukqb

try to keep in mind that this is intended as a beginner’s toy grade learn-to-fly quadcopter, but with many of the bells and whistles of 2016 technologies. As such, comparing this to the old standby but basic 2013 Syma X5C, this has the following technology advancements that the X5C does not:
* headless mode,
* one key return,
* altitude hold,
* obstacle avoidance (in low rate only, for beginners learning to fly),
* automatic landing (by command or on low battery)
* modular plug in internal cameras with remote operated up/down lens (Hopefully internal mounting will ahelp for jello reduction), Available camera modules include 480p, 720p, 1080p, WiFi FPV, 5.8Ghz FPV. There’s also an optional set of FPV goggles.
* easy plug in replacement motors.

The obstacle avoidance is only “On” when in low (beginners) rate. It’s turned off in intermediate and expert rate. It does work well bouncing off of walls indoors. I like flying it slowly toward a corner wall and watch it bounce around in the corner like a pinball πŸ™‚ But it needs light colored solid obstructions (like a wall or a lamp shade) for the optical sensor to detect. It also doesn’t seem to work well outdoors due to sun interference with the avoidance systems IR optical sensors.

A toy grade quadcopter with many advanced features including:
– headless mode,
– one key return,
– altitude hold,
– obstacle avoidance,
– automatic landing on low battery or by command,
– modular plug in internal recording and FPV cameras,
– remotely controlled up/down lens,
– easy plug in replacement motors.
– Small and lightweight, does not require FAA registration.

– Proprietary battery and related charger.
– Obstacle avoidance only useful indoors and at beginner rate.
– 1080p camera does not provide as sharp an image as some might expect.

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