Kittyhawk Drone App Adds Feature to Set and Enforce Flight Standards

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Kittyhawk flight app

Kittyhawk, a developer of drone flight management software, has announced the addition of Flight Profiles, a new feature to its expanding enterprise platform. The feature will allow fleet operations managers and Chief Pilots to automatically set and enforce a set of flight standards across their teams. Profiles can be set to prevent take-offs in “Attitude Mode,” set a standard “Return To Home” (RTH) Height, and restrict power exhaustion behaviors like Return To Home or Land In Place. Kittyhawk Flight Profiles can also set limits to how high and how far a drone can fly, ensuring compliance with FAA and internal company standards.

Flight Profiles also provide greater transparency into the status of the aircraft’s control system before a flight. No longer will pilots have to contend with indistinguishable  “ERROR” messages and will instead see the part of the flight control system that’s not functioning correctly and be able to make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Team leaders can now offer their members a set of policies designed to set them up for success. Operators get the benefit of uniformity in their operations with easy to implement settings that start with common-sense presets.

Flight Profiles is the latest in a suite of new features Kittyhawk has added to a  platform designed specifically for the enterprise. As the leading enterprise drone solution, Kittyhawk works with customers across a wide range of industries including railroads, insurance, media, and inspection services.

Flight Profiles are available for Enterprise customers today. If you’d like to set up a custom profile for your team, let one of our friendly support staff know, and we can start disseminating that to your team’s accounts.

The following video courtesy of Kittyhawk illustrates the app:


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