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In depth Qav-X pro review and pro parts list. The Qav-X Charpu edition racing quad is nothing less than wicked to fly. It has a super light weight frame and high power system. There is no other quad I have flown this year that feels this light and powerful in the air. I have let others who fly the popular Alien quads fly this and they say it feels way lighter in the air. Even holding it in their hands they notice how light it is. This is no hog folks… Lightweight and fast! The Qav-x gets 5 Stars even before I had it totally tuned in Betaflight. Definitely selling my Vortex Pro!

Lumenier QAV-X Charpu Edition Kit Review. Pro Parts List and links
can be found below the review article.

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– 3mm or 4mm bottom plate available.
– 3mm is very durable. I did crash it into a steel post. Did not break.
– Low profile frame and stack. I really like this.
– Pinless build setup. Direct solder your wires to each board.
– Use a pinless X4R receiver and hide it under the pdb.
– Lumenier RX2205-12s are way light and powerful
– Lumenier tri-props perform better than the Bull nose Dals.
– Power OSD Pro is absolutely the bomb. Easy to solder up
and connect your camera and video transmitter straight to.
– Lumenier 1200 mini cam works great. Even with my Fatsharks.
– The Charpu X frame has a ton of vertical boost at full throttle
and floats as light as a feather in Airmode. So much time between the air and the ground you can do multiple tricks.
– For racing this quad corners as good as any true X quad out there.
– Highly tunable in Betaflight. Use someone else’s PIDs to start with. The defaults had some wobble.
– Spracing F3 Acro is the board to use. Easy to setup and tune. But there are a whole bunch of boards out there. Use the one you like!

– Motors could be more durable. But I bash things really hard. You guys know that. Durability test on motors can be tough.
– I would like to see replaceable arms in the next design.

Review and video directed by:
Justin Davis @ Drone Camps RC

Below you will find the links to parts in my Qav-X.

Lumenier Qav-X Frame 3mm Kit:

Lumenier Qav-X Frame 4mm Kit:

Lumenier 30A BlHeli Escs ( x4 )

Power OSD Pro ( pdb and osd in one )

Lumenier RX2205-12 Motors ( x4 )

Lumenier CMOS-1200 16:9 Widescreen Mini FPV Camera

Lumenier TX5G2R Mini 200mW 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter with Raceband

TBS Triumph 5.8GHz CP FPV Antenna Set (SMA)

Lumenier Graphene 1300mAh 4s 80c Lipo Battery

Black XT60 Lipo Pigtail 16AWG (5pcs)

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