Man Engineers Drone To Save Puppy

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It’s always nice to see news stories about people using technology for good, and it’s even better when the technology used includes a drone. NDTV reports that a New Delhi man named Milind Raj was able to save a life using AI a giant drone. Whose life did it save? A puppy.

According to the report, Milind Raj was out for his usual morning walk when he heard an animal whimper. Upon further investigation, Raj found a puppy trapped inside a nasty drain, which he believes was there for about 2 days.

Raj builds robots for a living and has a passion for Artificial Intelligence (AI). He rushed to his lab to find a solution to rescue the puppy. Because of the location of the puppy in the drain, a ladder was not an option. The solution was an AI-controlled robotic arm attached to a giant drone. On Raj’s YouTube channel, he states that the robotic arm was made to fit the puppy in it with a retractable harness- structure that gave support to neck to ensure complete safety and comfort.

“The drain was so filthy, it was like a bog,” Mr. Raj told NDTV. “It was not possible for a human to rescue the puppy without endangering their own life, so I decided to put technology to the task,” he said.

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It took about 6 hours of hard work to improvise a giant drone with an AI-controlled robotic arm. Using the drone, Raj was able to remove the puppy from the drain. Once the drone reached a safe altitude, “the thrust was reduced and neck support was retracted back in the arm before auto-release”.

“When it was on the ground, it vomited plastic including paan masala packets that people had carelessly tossed into the drain,” Raj claimed.

A woman happened to be walking by when she saw the puppy being lifted by the drone and decided to capture a video of the event. Raj uploaded an edited version of the video (found above) on his YouTube channel. He made the decision to adopt the puppy and named He decided to name it “Lifted.”

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