Meet the New Gremsy Gimbal: The Pixy U Plays Well With Others

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Announced this week  and rolling out in Commercial UAV Expo later this month, professional gimbal maker Gremsy, has just announced the Pixy U Gimbal.  It is a commercial grade gimbal that is designed for aerial surveying and other commercial drone applications.

It builds upon the existing product line that includes the Pixy F and shares its compact design and performance but supports a number of different components rather that exclusively the FLIR Duo Pro R camera.

From their specification page:

Using the tagline “Compact yet Universal,” Pixy U is the most versatile Gremsy gimbal ever, characterized by a compact & lightweight design and multi-camera support. At just 465 grams and 18 centimeters when folded, Pixy U is small enough to put in your pocket. It is indeed the handiest solution ever for commercial applications.

One of the significant differences between Pixy U and the Pixy F is that the tilt axis is rebuilt as a central hub, attached to a custom camera case to fit multiple sensors: FLIR Duo Pro R, BMMCC, Sony RX100, etc.

Pixy U comes with new gTune app with a more intuitive interface. More importantly, the new app actualizes one of the great features customers desire to have.  Parameters setting for each camera every use is always inconvenient for most users ever. By adding profile per camera, users can quickly get the optimize parameters with just one – time set up, and the app will automatically remember to apply for the next time.

Besides, Pixy U is fully compatible with Pixhawk FC or build-in FC on Matrix 600 to support autonomous flight and camera control, making it a comprehensive solution for aerial survey, inspection, mapping, etc.

Compact outside, powerful inside, that’s what a new Pixy is designed to achieve. Pixy U is ready to fulfill its aerial missions in any application.

You can find additional information about the Pixy U HERE

*Pixy U will be showcased at Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019 in this October with a lot of other Gremsy advanced gimbals. Come and join us at Booth #1031. Free passcode.


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