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BUGS 8 is the easiest fpv racing trainer ever. Want the cheapest 250 sized fpv racer quadcopter with goggles, monitor, and everything you need to start flying fpv? MJX RC has got you covered. An amazing bundle for absolute beginners wanting to step up from flying smaller toy quads. This is a very affordable and fun stable flier. This is not meant to be a competitive racer quad. Only for pure flying and fpv enjoyment. The Bugs 8 takes no computer to program it, set it up, or tune the quad to fly well. You can get outside and fly the day you get this one in the mail with little to no help. Charge up and go fly. Bugs 8 is the simplest fpv racer ever. Pros and Cons listed below.

Manufacturer: MJX RC
Manufacturer Website :

– New pilot friendly
– Flies very well in Low and High rate modes
– No computer needed to setup modes, pids, or switches.
– Built in DVR for recording 720p video with Micro SD card slot.
– Adjustable tilt on the camera ( down or up )
– Flight time 6-7 minutes
– Two 2S batteries were included with mine
– Two sets of props included
– Easily replace a prop with twist off prop nuts. No tool needed.
– Repairs should be easy.
– Replacement parts will be cheap ( just plastic parts )
– Durable. I crashed this one around the field and didn’t even break a propeller.
– LEDs front and rear.
– 2 Stage low battery warning by Flashing LEDs and audible beeping sounds
on both the drone and the radio,
– Low and high speed modes
– 4 Band 5.8Ghz Screen. Can be used with other 5.8Ghz racer drones.
– Portable small size
– Affordable props and batteries
– Removeable landing gear
– Canopy pops off easily. No tools needed.

– No acro mode available. (Meaning without help of stabilization).
– Flips are push button. Not by stick.
– Limited to one C Band
– Not a carbon frame. Less durable but cheaper to fix.
– No 3S battery support

Buy an MJX Bugs 8 “Ready to fly” Bundle with Monitor and Goggles here :

Buy an MJX Bugs 8 “Ready to fly” Bundle with Monitor only (No goggles) here :

Buy an MJX Bugs 8 “Ready to fly” Bundle with Camera Only (No goggles or monitor) here :

Buy an MJX Bugs 8 Standard Package (Drone, Radio battery, charger and props) with no camera or goggles here:

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