MMC’s Swift Solution is a Standout: Agricultural Drones Set a New Standard in Crop Spraying

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T1-A also provides a variety of operation modes: including AB point operation, semi-automatic operation and manual operation.

  • Regional-planning mode: the user can select the operation area and set operation distance, flight speed, altitude and other information. The aircraft automatically flies back and forth according to the specified distance and traverses the entire area to complete the work.
  • AB point mode: the aircraft automatically sprays pesticides in accordance with the established route – suitable for large regular areas.
  • Semi-automatic operation mode: the user can control the aircraft flying in parallel, forward and backward. The aircraft automatically sprays pesticides, which is suitable for operation in the irregular areas.
  • Manual mode: the user can closely control both flight and spraying of pesticides, which is suitable for more complex areas.

“One Key Return” Function

In addition, when the T1-A needs to make a stop – for a battery change, chemical refill, or other issue – the T1-A can automatically shut off the water pump and precisely identify the stopping point.  With the “one key to return” function, the T1-A will fly to that point after relaunching and restart the operation from there, ensuring continuous operation and a perfect application of spray.

Fog Spraying

The Swift solution offers a Fog Spraying System – the very first of its kind adapted for use on drones.  Fog systems generate tiny droplets and provide a more uniform coverage of spray.  Used heavily in tree agriculture, this is a major addition to the toolset for agronomists – a far less expensive and easier option than other aerial solutions based on small planes or installed ground sprayers.


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