Modular drone converts to an actioncam

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If you’re an avid videographer, then it’s entirely likely that you’ll want to use both an action camera and a camera-equipped drone. Why buy the two, though, if you can get one product that serves both functions? That’s the thinking behind Eyedea’s Pitta drone – plus it also works as a home security camera.

At the heart of the Pitta is the main camera body. When using it in actioncam mode, you just magnetically snap the included actioncam module onto the bottom. You then either hold the complete spherical device in your hand, or attach it to a third-party mount via a threaded hole in the bottom.

The camera shoots 4K/30fps video, plus it captures 13-megapixel stills. It has no screen, although users can set up shots and review footage via an iOS/Android app.

When you want to get some aerial footage, you simply swap the actioncam module for the drone module. Containing four folding propeller arms and a GPS unit, it converts the Pitta into a smartphone-controlled quadcopter.

As a drone, the Pitta has a claimed 15-minute flight time, and offers features such as auto-follow of a moving target, orbit of a stationary target, the ability to automatically return to its take-off site, and the ability to automatically land.

The Pitta recharges its lithium-polymer battery by sitting in an included charging cradle. As it’s doing so, it links up to the user’s home Wi-Fi network, allowing them to check a live feed from its camera wherever they are.

If you’re interested in getting one, it’s currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$269 is required to buy one, assuming it reaches production.


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