New Generation Titan Underwater Drone

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Geneinno Technology Co. LTD was established in 2013, specializing in over the top tech gadgets while taking major steps in the world of technology. Geneinno’s new underwater drones, have set the pace for underwater cinematography not only on an adventure level but also on an educational level. With underwater imaging, the possibilities are endless and Geneinno is here to ensure that users get the best experience with high-end underwater drones such as the new generation Titan underwater drone.

Adventure and realism just got a lot better and more interesting with the new Titan underwater drone. With technology, nothing is ever enough or impossible. Since the advent of drones, the craze to explore the unreachable continues to grow while Geneinno’s underwater drones have made progress. When it comes to bringing the world underwater to life, aside from scuba diving, nothing beats the new Titan underwater drone.

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The new generation Titan, besides being a top performer with new and better features than its preceding counterparts, has a sleek design that befits a gadget of its stature. Its outer aesthetics are quite easy on the eyes as it has a cool orange and black color with two turbines on each side for a balanced thrusting power. This unique design has seen Titan recognized at the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards.

Below are some of the features of the next big thing in underwater realism and photography:

While ordinary drones can only reach up to a certain depth (often less than 100m), the Titan underwater drone has a record breaking depth range of up to 492 (150m) feet below the sea level. The possibilities with such a reach are unbelievable, not only for adventurers and photographers but also for aquaculture studies and research because the drone can cover more areas that are hard to reach with a normal drone. Because of this depth range, Titan makes for a good diving companion for sea adventurers and researchers alike. With an additional 6-thruster power system that can maneuver through the water resistance at a commendable speed, there is no doubt that this new Titan drone is a sea monster. This should make piloting quite a breeze even for beginners. Top that up with a 4K UHD camera with a high resolution 1080p enabled video mode with real-time VR connection, you have yourself an underwater real-time adventure with this drone. Another important feature to note are the two 1000 lumen lights to ensure you capture your best memories even in the dark.

Geneinno aims for Titan to be the game changer in the world of underwater drones and we know enthusiasts will want to be a part of this remarkable journey. Our campaign on Kickstarter will offer a great discount on the launch special offer and will begin on May 31, 2018.

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