Nidec Moves Everything And Heads To CES 2018

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World’s biggest motor maker to show off its comprehensive line-up at CES 2018

Drones, robots, cars and much more – as every year, this year’s CES promises to show off the latest advancements spanning every technological machine, part or gadget one can imagine. However, when you marvel at the increased mileage of state-of-the-art drones, the wide range of movements of the latest robots, or the numerous cameras and sensors that will make autonomous driving a reality, what is often overlooked is an essential component: the motor.


Motors go far beyond the internal combustion engine – they are needed for every single machine that moves, and this is where Nidec comes in. With more than 3 billion electric motors manufactured annually, Nidec is the largest motor company in the world, and they are feeling the potential of their market more than ever.

An ever-expanding market: the emergence of drones & robots

The emergence of drones & robots

“By the year 2050, the world population is estimated to have reached 9 billion with 3 service robots for every human on earth. In turn, the average robot will contain over 100 motors. The market potential for motors in the field of robotics is nothing short of astronomical.” – Shigenobu Nagamori, CEO of Nidec

A similar quote could probably be made in the field of drones, electric cars or even IoT-ready household electronics, demonstrating why Nidec feels perfectly at home at CES, their 3rd appearance at the trade fair thus far. Nidec will exhibit at the drone & robotics corner of CES 2018 in LVCC South Hall 2, booth #25835.

Nidec at CES 2018: Booth Highlights

CES brands itself as the “Consumer Electronics Show”, and while there will be something on offer for just about any technology enthusiast, recent trends have led to the show permeating both the realms of B2C and B2B. Broad concepts such as automation and connectivity, big ideas like Smart Cities and Digital Healthcare, and of course the latest advancements in mobility; all of these and more have led to a stark increase in demand for semiconductors, sensors and other electrical components – as well as for motors in every size and shape. Nidec has taken this demand to heart and has focused on the most common requests from customers: miniaturization, customization and efficiency optimization. With every product on display at the booth, you will find at least one of these demands being reflected. Undoubtedly, they are key in the company’s drive to become a total solutions provider.

Creating highly-efficient motors for a diverse palette of applications that can fit the flexible needs of customers: Nidec moves everything. Naturally, what will await visitors at the booth is a representation of this, with not only a diversified product line-up but also a range of experiences outlining the solutions they can realize.

Highlight 1: Haptic Sensor Experience

Visitors will be able to experience a driving simulator in which the driver’s seat rumbles when the driver is about to drift off their lane due to drowsiness through a haptic sensor. The technology used is Nidec’s own “Wonder Sense”, which is able to deliver a sense of touch that feels, quite simply, real. Aside from the driving simulator demonstration that illustrates its uses in the ADAS field, there are numerous other applications, for instance a simulated smartphone “button” where there is none. There has also been growing demand in the gaming industry as well as in the field of home electronics.

Highlight 2: Drone Demonstration

There will also be a drone demonstration that shows two drones, one equipped with a Nidec motor and one that is not. In a side-by-side comparison, the one equipped with Nidec’s technology is able to achieve superior mileage efficiency.

Beyond CES: the importance of motors in driving technology

At CES 2018, we will be able to feel more than ever that our society will include a constantly increasing number of machines that are in turn equipped with technology that allows them higher and higher levels of autonomy. Deliveries by drone, helper-robots in your home, autonomous buses and the like are drawing closer and closer to changing our everyday lives.

“To really be the motor of everything”, Nagamori says, “is to be one step ahead. The technological advancement that will make the society of the future possible is driven by the advancement of motors – after all it is motors that give machines the power to move.”

To ensure Nidec remains that crucial step ahead, the company has once again made education a priority.

“There are simply not enough motor engineers to keep up with this exploding demand for motors that we will be experiencing”, Nagamori says.

Through activities such as expanding its core research facility, the Nidec Research and Development Center, to a multi-national operation, Nidec aims to rectify that. With motors accounting for approximately 50% of all electricity consumed worldwide, further advances in motor technology are bound to have a profound impact on our society.


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